A campy horror in more ways than one, Robert Hiltzik’s SLEEPAWAY CAMP is as demonic as it is peculiar. This 1983 picture is a wicked slasher, showing us a world that is insane and wholly recognizable. Its placement at a deliriously detached and amoral camp plays to the fears of anyone who’s been dropped offContinue reading “SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983)”


Directed by Sophia Takal, the 2019 version of BLACK CHRISTMAS has a clear task. That task is presumably controversial, as many a viewer was allegedly triggered by the “feminism” prowling within. This film is guided by feminism, the sort of thing sure to offend some of the pill-popping typecasts that call themselves horror fans.


“Derivative” is not the best word to describe a movie, but it’s hard to escape using it to cover UNDERWATER. The 2020 science fiction directed by William Eubank is notable for being almost exactly like the 1979 science fiction ALIEN, except it takes place in the titular environment and pulls its monster from a somewhatContinue reading “UNDERWATER (2020)”