There’s something different in the air and there’s something different about MAGNUM FORCE in that it kind of serves as a light reprimand of DIRTY HARRY. This 1973 sequel is directed by Ted Post and features a lot of the same bits and pieces from Don Siegel’s original, which makes sense because it features aContinue reading “MAGNUM FORCE (1973)”


The world is a stupid place. It’s easy to go through life with a permanent grimace, the sort of glower that makes you down a hot dog before casually strolling across the road to foil a robbery. DIRTY HARRY embodies that cynical yet cavalier spirit and is one of the most influential cop movies ofContinue reading “DIRTY HARRY (1971)”

JOKER (2019)

If you were to simplify Todd Phillips’ JOKER and perhaps observe the battered flesh scraped over the bones of its star, you might find the villain. This 2019 picture has been polarizing critics the world over, as if the goal of art is accord and like-mindedness. The themes, however, are bare as greasepaint.